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Nykamp Loft of
"The Vision is Clear"
Legends of the Sport
Bruce Gordon.jpg
The great Bruce Gordon, at his loft in Auburn, Wa. We are proud to offer Bruce's fantastic Cools Vandenabeele family along with many other of his terrific lines. Few can match Bruce's extraordinary racing achievements over several decades.
Art Hees.jpg
The late, great Art Hees holding his champion 2850.  We have a few of Art's family of pigeons available each year.
About Us

My love of animals was inherited from my father.  He is a Dutchman; his mother's maiden name was DeBoer, which means "The Farmer," so I guess our love of animals goes back for generations.  His uncle, Bud DeBoer, was a farmer in Sioux Center, Iowa who raised cattle, hogs and other animals.  Dad would stay with his Uncle Bud in the summertime growing up and helped on the farm.  Those experiences made an impact on him and he looked forward to the day he could have his own farm.  That happened in 1971, when he bought his own farm and started raising hogs and cattle.  From the time I was old enough to work, I was feeding and helping with all aspects of raising animals.  Dad is super competitive; it is important to him to try to achieve excellence.  He was a good manager and taught me the importance of good genetics, proper diet, excellent health, good record-keeping, and breeding from animals that performed well. 


From a very young age, I have always been especially interested in pigeons.  When I was about ten years old, I asked my mother for some pigeons.  My uncle had a grain elevator and brought a couple of squabs over one summer day.  One of the squabs turned out to be very friendly and I named him "George."  Things escalated from that point on.  For several Christmas' I received Indian fantails and rollers as gifts from my parents.  In high school, I was introduced to the sport of pigeons racing.  Pigeon racing fits me very well.  The breeding, the competition, the people--it is all a great experience for me!


My wife Jody and I were married in 1991.  She is a special lady, beautiful inside and out.  I have been tremendously blessed because she believes in me even when I don't deserve it!  We have raised four wonderful children together and have two grandchildren with another on the way.  She is a super person and I appreciate her support and encouragement.  

Bruce and Jody Nykamp 2018.jpeg
Bruce and Jody Nykamp
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