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Top Breeding Pair Steady Eddy.jpg
Steady Eddy.jpg

We are excited to announce that "Steady Eddy" is back at Nykamp Loft of Idaho. He was winner of 6th Average Speed in the 2018 Plymouth Peak OLR!  His Sire is a son of The Cools Pair. His dam is a daughter of "Derek Jr."  "Steady Eddy" is fantastic physical specimen with vitality to burn. Youngsters are available in 2018.

New in 2018

Pigeon Gala 2018 1.jpg

Outstanding quality male off the Baldwin/Tilson OLR winning bloodlines via Morningside Loft.

Pigeon Gala 2018 2.jpg

Excellent quality hen from one of Holland's finest Willem de Bruijn.

IF 09 Protege 77.jpg
IF 09 Protege 77 Eye Shot.jpg

New for 2018! "Lucky 77" Proven grandson of the legendary "Wittenbuik".  This cock was a super breeder for Bruce Gordon.

Mr. Big Deal.jpg
Mr. Big Deal Eyeshot.jpg
Derek Jr. B13.jpg
Nasty Jack B2.jpg
Sweet Mary B3.jpg
Strange One B5.jpg
Golden Silver B6.jpg
Dream On B7.jpg
Vandenabele B9.jpg
Vandenabele B8.jpg
Gaby B10.jpg
Gator B12.jpg
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