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News and Highlights


Congratulations to the following!

Jaydee Lindsay for winning RMR Club champion bird with AU 20 NLI 2426.  She is a Vandenabeele/Arden cross. 

Eric Ellis for winning 2nd equal 1st in the Rocky Mountain Challenge One Loft Race with 20 OGN 915.  This was the final 350 race. This bird is a grandchild of "Sal's Money Maker" and Bruce Gordon's "Sensation Hen"!

Eric Ellis for being on the drop and 1 second out of 1st in the San Diego Classic Super Bird Race from 350 miles with AU 20 OGN 960.  This winner is also a grandchild of "Sal's Money Maker" and Bruce Gordon's "Sensation Hen"!

Shannon Demlar for winning 6th National Ace Old Bird Hall of Fame, Middle Distance 2020 with AU 16 NYKAMP 6847.  This bird is off our Kannibaal/Houben lines. 

Greg Meller for winning 2nd at 326 miles in the Plymouth Peak One Loft Race.  With AU 20 FHI 0401.  This bird is down from our Janssen lines. 

Kelly Griffin for winning Champion Breeder in the 2020 Plymouth Peak One Loft Race. Nest mates AU 20 FOYS 22530 and AU 20 FOYS 22531 won this award and are down from our Janssen lines. 

Congratulations to Fly and Criddle for being on the first drop at 300 miles.  This same bird is leading average speed in the High Desert Yearling Classic this week!  This bird is down from our Hees/Hofkens bloodlines! Good luck in the final next week gentlemen!


Old Bird Champion 7019.JPG

Congratulations to Greg and Lori for winning 2019 Club Champion Old Bird! 7019 is off our Vandenabeele/Kannibaal lines.

Congratulations to Jeff Life for winning 2019 Club Champion Young Bird!  AU 19 NYKAMP 9029 is off our Cools and De Saer Vandenabeele lines.

6th South Section.JPG
9th North Section.JPG

Nykamp Lofts of Idaho are pleased to present the 6th and 9th place 2019 AU convention winners.  They are both children of "Sals Money Maker" and "Miss Di Caprio."  Thanks to our friends, Sal Rodriguez and Shannon Demler for handling the birds. Excellent job!  

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Riddi Kulus.JPG

We are pleased to announce that Nykamp Lofts of Idaho bred "Riddi Kulus" AU 17 NYKAMP 7021 who is the 2019 AU National Old Bird Hall of Fame middle distance winner!  He was flown by Shannon Demler.  #7021 is a Vandenabeele cross.  The 9th place 2019 AU National Old Bird Hall of Fame middle distance winner AU 17 NYKAMP 7837 was also bred by Nykamp Lofts of Idaho. He is straight Vandenabeele.  Congratulations to Shannon Demler for flying both birds! Both birds were purchased in our young bird kits. 

Holts Loft.jpg

Congratulations to Tim Holt on winning 3rd=1st on the SAMDR Grand Finale on 2-2-19!  His winner, "Little Spirit" goes back into our Vandenabeele/Janssen lines!

Golden Silver B6.jpg
Gaby (2)_edited.jpg
Hit Pair (2)_edited.jpg


Congratulations to Tim Holt for winning 5th place in the Hot Spot Car Race 1 on 12-22-18 with "Veronika" who is down from our Vandenabeele/Janssen lines!

Congratulations to Shannon Demlar for having the 5th, 10th, & 43rd National Ace Pigeons in 2018 at the middle distance on the AU database.  All three were Vandenabeele/Kannibaal crosses.

Boe Weeks.jpg

Congratulations to Boe Weeks who handled AU 17 Nykamp 7918 DC cock in the North Utah Combine Futurity. 7918 finished 2nd=1st on the 300 mile race. Boe won 3 of the top 5 prizes shipping 3 birds! “7918” is a Vandenabeele/Kannibaal cross.

Banida Bandito.jpg
Banida Bandito Eye Shot.jpg

Congratulations to Boe Weeks for flying the "Banida Bandito"! 
This hen was twice a 1st place Combine winner and a one time 2nd place Combine winner!  
See below for the race records of full siblings of the "Banida Bandito"! 

Super Breeding Pair.JPG
Vinny Moreschi.jpg

Congratulations Vinny Moreschi on winning Combine Champion Old Bird in 2017!  Sire was a Vandenabeele from Nykamp Lofts of Idaho.

Jay Dee Lindsay.jpg

Congratulations to Jay Dee Lindsay! 6653 is a Vandenabeele/Kannibaal cross from one of our young bird kits!

Junction June.jpg
Junction June Eye Shot.jpg

Nykamp Loft of Idaho Wins 9th & 45th place in 2015 AU Convention-North section!

Boe Knows.jpg

Boe Weeks holding Boe Knows. 2nd champ bird in N. Utah Combine 20 lofts +/-

BOE KNOWS (1).jpg
Boe Knows Eyeshot.jpg
Golden Spike Hen.jpg
Golden Spike Hen Eyeshot.jpg

"Golden Spike Hen"

Pagent Queen.jpg
Pagent Queen Eyeshot.jpg

"Pagent Queen"

Carson City Clyde.jpg
Carson City Clyde Eyeshot.jpg

"Carson City Clyde"

First Place Over all in the 2014 Western Open. Flown from Carson City, Nevada on 6/14/14. A distance of 510 miles vs. 521 birds and 46 lofts. 15:30 ahead of 2nd bird.

  News Flash: Vandenabeele cross bred by Nykamp Lofts wins equal 1st from 150 mile and 325 mile stations in 2013 Plymouth Peak one loft race!

Au 11 Nykamp 77.jpg

  AU 11 Nykamp 77 Blue Check Cock-500-600 mile section winner in the 2013 Western Open from Carson City, NV. 510 miles. 

Lovelock Cock 296 (Custom).jpg

"The Lovelock Cock"

AU 09 NYKAMP 296.

Race record: 1st place 2012 Western open from Lovelock Nevada. 719 birds and 407 miles. Also won 1st Combine at 500 miles. Bred and flown by Nykamp lofts. It is off our Gordon/Van Loon bloodlines.

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