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Van Loon

We have had the Van Loon strain for about 30 years.  Campbell Strange imported National Ace "Super 73" and several Planet brothers Van Loons back in the 80's.  The results generated by these pigeons were phenomenal.  My friend, Ken Christopher of Tremonton, Utah had purchased several from Campbell and was having a lot of success with them, so I contacted him to visit his loft and handle his pigeons.  They were really, really impressive.  We handled his stock birds and then his race team, and two pigeons really stood out.  They were nest mates.  Both were outstanding flyers and of outstanding quality.  In fact, the pigeon who went on to be named "Campbell" is still one of the most impressive pigeons I have handled in my lifetime.  He went on to win from 100-600 miles on the day of release.  He became an AU champion and a champion breeder.  I was so impressed that I tried to purchase the cock on the spot.  I had no luck, but Ken had mercy on my and let me borrow Campbell for 60 days.  We were able to get four youngsters in that time frame.  Three of the four went on to be outstanding breeders.  The lone hen of the four went on to breed a pigeon named "Strange One" for us who was a four-time 500 mile winner.  What a phenomenal athlete! Campbell's nest brother was named "Derek."  Derek was also an excellent racer and champion breeder.  Derek has impacted our Van Loon family in a huge way as well.  We have had great success with the Van Loons.  They will fly all distances and are an outstanding family of pigeons. 

Derek Jr. B13.jpg
Strange One B5.jpg
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