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Gaby Vandenabeele

Can you name a breed that has been more successful than the Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon family in international races over 400 to 800km? Well, we can't.

No other pigeon breed has given so many successful cracks as the noble Vandenabeele line, which has bred generations of pigeons that have excelled, dominated and conquered. This is what makes this pigeon breed stand out from the others, and it explains why the Vandenabeele pigeons are in such great demand. Pigeon fanciers from all around the world have visited the loft in Oentergem, not to take a sip from the holy fountain in Dentergem but to try and find the secret behind the Vandenabeele success story and their years of dominance, and to learn more about their pigeons... Click here to read full article.

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Bruce Nykamp's Hit Pair

Gaby (2)_edited.jpg
Hit Pair (2)_edited.jpg

Bruce Gordon's Hit Pair

Bruce Gordon Hit Pair CV.jpg
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Bruce Gordon't Hit Pair (2).jpg
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Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) delivers nine national ace pigeons for his colleagues in four years' time


Well suited for crossbreeding and almost guaranteed to deliver results, it would be an accurate description for the Rik
Cools pigeon breed. This pigeon family has managed to win 9 national top 5 ace pigeon titles since 2013. Read More.

The Vandenabeele bloodlines are making a huge impact in Europe! We have a great stud of Vandenabeele breeders.

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