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Young Birds

Nykamp Lofts of Idaho offers the sport, quality young bird kits

Young Bird Kits.JPG

  • All youngsters banded with current AU bands.

  • Youngsters are healthy and have been vaccinated for PMV and Paratyphoid.

  • Youngsters have been weaned and are eating and drinking on their own.

  • Youngsters are around 6 weeks old and are ready to settle to your loft.

  • All youngsters are pedigreed and are performance bred.

  • Hybrid for maximum performance.

  • Off top, proven bloodlines.

  • Kits are 10 for $600.00 plus shipping.



We have been racing pigeons since 1990. Our philosophy is simple, performance is all that matters. We have put forth great effort in building a top quality breeding stud. We try to improve all facets of our operation every year.  We demand that our stock pigeons breed winners, otherwise they are removed regardless of strain or origination. We carefully observe the results and after two years eliminate any birds that are not producing. We enjoy the birds, both the racing and breeding aspects of the sport. It is especially enjoyable for us to see others find success in the sport with birds from our loft.  We invite you to try a kit of our youngsters . We are confident you will be pleased with the results. 

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